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MDM’s much anticipated 10th anniversary edition came and went like a blur – conjuring the most intense of emotions and experiences that will remain engraved in our metal laden hearts till we are called to new pastures by the Creator. New friendships made, old ones and unflinching bonds re-kindled, incredible performances by all the bands over the two days at the Chateaux Buskett and the warm-up at the Garage too. Smiling, happy faces all over; no single unwarranted incident of note over all three days; bands and supporters united in the love and passion for doom and the old school. This is what we set to achieve with MDM since the first edition. I have to thank Jochen Få and Frank Hellweg for all their work with DSR, which was the main inspiration for MDM. Far away from the hassle of the big and commercialised metal festivals, they created an oasis of doom in Goppingen, Germany. This is what we sought to do here in hearth of the Med – Europe’s final frontier. Seeing so many people over the years congregating at MDM from so many different places world-over all united by their unbridled love for the true path has been immensely gratifying. Of course, this would have not been possible with the undying, no-holds barred support for MDM’s vision – all the fans first and foremost, the countless number of bands we had on stage over the years (giving their all) and the army of doom disciples that I have been privileged to work with through the years. Allow me to raise my bountiful ale glass to these special people once more – true metalheads and moreover real friends who deserve all the praise and credit rightfully due to them:

From the earlier editions of the MDM crew – Matthew Camilleri, Malcolm Borg-Galea and Gordon Silvio. Hails and thanks for all your dedication to the cause!

Alexia Baldacchino (Loudpix/Disinn) for her incredible talent and hard work with all our posters, booklets (including this edition’s gem) t-shirts, hoodies, etc., and moreover, always managing to make our vision for the theme of each edition come so beautifully alive!

My brother Leo Stivala for his inspirational encouragement and total commitment to the cause from day 1 and for his immeasurable assistance in so many ways. Love you bro. Eternal hails to Claire Dalli and Daniela Dalli too for helping manage the Forsaken and Sacro Sanctus merch this year and in recent editions! Hails!

Our perennially reliable and ultra professional stage hands – Rex Grech Santucci, Dino Mifsud Lepre and Daniel P. Warrington, while not forgetting the contribution of my brother Chris Grech (Nomad Son/Frenzy Mono) in several previous editions.

Julian Grech for al his help with managing the merch in previous edition and for always giving a hand without any questions asked in various ways when called upon! Hugs and hails bro!

Damian Allison for all the help with our website and everything! Hails bud! John Vella (Sound system) for always being spot on with the sound in all of our editions at Buskett, while also underlining Steve Lombardo’s immense professionalism and contribution to ensuring a high-end sound system at MDM. Kudos too to our official and very talented photographers – Stefano Vella and Katrina Von Rose and DJ Toty for the great tunes all weekend! Hails.

All those who have helped us with our backline – Pejxa Malta, Jim Tobin and the mighty Metal Insula for always being there for us in so many ways…and this year – Sean Attard, Roderick Sciberras, David Ciantar& Luke Mifsud. Also Dem Dem for helping us out with the keyboards in previous editions. Rene Hades Farrugia from The Garage and Darren Borg also from The Garage and Kickstart Rock Bar (the best places for some hard rock and metal on the Island) for all!

All the other promoters who have always been there for us – namely Sean Pollacco and MoM, Nigel and NNG, Metal Insula, VoTs and Andrew Baldacchino (cheers for the merch stand bud) Rejects, Edward Tagliaferro and XMA.

Rene’ Portelli, Jesmond Portelli and all at Chateaux Buskett for being such perfect hosts over the years.

My Cab Malta by Sandro Lucia and Gejxa Garage, all our sponsors – including V18 and Festivals Malta whose proud endorsement is testimony to the festival’s success. Kudos to Play n Go and Hyperfrost for all their support this year too
All those on the airwaves who have lent their support to MDM over the years including, Noel Mifsud, Michael Bugeja, Lito Micallef (RIP), Noel Mallia, Brian Micallef, and Eric Montfort. Hats off to All Rock Radio, NET FM and One Radio for always being behind us….and Noel D’Anastas, Charles Marsh, and all those in the print media who have helped us in any way!

The list can go on and on – but of course, in closing – we need to acknowledge the immense contribution of the core MDM circle – namely, James Gauci, Glen Gauci, Simeon Gatt,Noel Mifsud, Claire Borg and Robert Azzopardi – leaving no stone unturned to make all this happen – year in and year out – and our support team – Vica Mifsud, Emma Rose Mifsud, Carol Gauci. Chiara Grima and Stephen Galea! Hails to all! Finally heartfelt thanks to all our partners/spouses for bearing with all the angst over the years and for all the moral support!

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