MDM X : 9th Band Announcement – Necrophobic (1st headliner)

We are elated to announce that NECROPHOBIC – the Swedish masters of unbridled old school Black Death primeval darkness – will be one of our headlining acts at MDM X. With a discography going back to the late 80s, 3 EPs and 8 full length albums (including this year’s “Mark of the Necrogram” scheduled for release this February on Century Media), NECROPHOBIC stand as one the genre’s absolute gems that have never strayed from the sanctified path of olde. Spawned from the Womb of Lilithu herself, bringing Death to All, we can all expect NECROPHOBIC to spew a set of blistering Bloodhymns to the dismay of whimpering poseurs who will scream and (uselessly) beg for mercy when these apocalyptic horsemen take the stage! Hell yeah!

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