The Malta Doom Metal festival is the brainchild of Maltese veteran doom monger Albert Bell who dreamt of organising a doom metal festival in Malta after attending the first edition of the Doom Shall Rise festival in Crailsheim, Germany in 2003. Forsaken were invited to play at the first edition of that festival and Albert was captivated by the magic of it all – the intimacy between bands and fans, the great sense of community and moreover the opportunity to get to see some great bands and the break-through talent in the scene. Albert longed for a similar event in Malta that could act and grow into an annual pilgrimage for doom fans and bands from all over Europe and beyond. As the doom metal scene in Malta started to re-flourish in the mid-2000s, it was time to make this vision a reality. In 2007 Albert tested the waters by organised a three-way doom metal event featuring UNSILENCE (UK), FORSAKEN and NOMAD SON. The show went well and soon after that together with the help of Malcolm Borg Galea (who remained part of the MDM team till 2012) and some very close and dependable friends (including Leo from Forsaken and Gordon Silvio, a staunch Forsaken fan) plans for the first edition of MDM in 2009 were set in motion. Italian Epic legends DARK QUARTERER headlined the two day event and five local bands in all – FORSAKEN, NOMAD SON, VICTIMS OF CREATION, WEEPING SILENCE, DAWN OF ANGUISH featured in the festival’s first edition. The festival started taking a more international and professional dimension ever since with new personnel roped in (James Gauci, Glen Gauci and more recently Simeon Gatt from Dawn of Anguish/Forsaken and Noel Mifsud) to meet the demands of organising what has surely become one of Europe’s most sought after and established doom metal festivals – bringing together and celebrating all the diverse shades and hues of the music that this festival seeks to nurture and celebrate – Doom Metal and its associated genres. DOOM WHAT THOU WILT SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW!!!

So this is it 2017

Now established as one of Europe’s leading doom metal festivals, MDM returns in 2017 with another blistering edition of doom metal worship. Work is presently underway on the first band announcements….all you doomheads out there will not be disappointed..expect another crushing installment of the finest doom metal in all its diverse shades and hues! Doom Has Risen!

The complete lineup will be announced soon :



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