Important Announcement from MDM

NB: All MDM supporters. After ten years of practically non-stop effort around the clock to make sure that each and every edition of the festival was as memorable as possible, we have decided to give our annual festival a bit of a breather after the 10th edition on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th October (with the warm up a day before) next week. So this could be your last chance to soak in the magic of the festival for some time. We aim to return. In what format and when remains to be seen. What is definite is that there will definitely not be another MDM edition in 2019. We thank all our passionate supporters for the undying support and we hope to see many of you at MDM X. I think that we have more than earned the right for some respite and renewal. Hails and ales on behalf of all at MDM. Albert.

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