Excruciation – Switzerland


After fast and furious seven years from 1984 to 1991 their sheer aggression forced Excruciation to take a rest. In 2005 all original members rejoined forces unleashing Doom, Death and Mayhem again on stage.
Re-energized and reinspired by their sudatory live performances, Excruciation focused on the first full length album ever “Angels to some, demons to others”, released in early 2007.
It was followed by “[t]horns” in 2009 and in doing so re-established the bands status once again. 2012 saw the re-release of Excruciation’s early works “Last Judgement” & “First Assault” on vinyl by the Italian cult label “F.O.A.D. Records” and a live recording from 1987 being released on tape by “The Ritual Productions” from the Netherlands, who also released [t]horns on vinyl in 2013.
Following in 2014 the [g]host crawled up the spine, an intense journey into humanity’s darkest and deepest abysses, and also critically well acclaimed gaining several rewards as “album of the month”.
Next step deeper into darkness will be the album [c]rust to be released by WormholeDeath Records in collaboration with the bands own label Auric Records! On [c]rust, Excruciation will forge their versatile influences ranging from 80s Dark Wave and Crustcore to oldschool Black, Death and Doom Metal into a new piece of extreme metal! Behold!


Angels to some, Demons to others




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