Black Oath – Italy


Black Oath was founded in 2006 by a.TH (inspired by dark music and the world beyond). It took 2 years and only in 2009 the band recorded its first self titled MCD (subject to suffering RECORDS usa). After one year horror records from denmark signed the band and released an EP “PORTRAIT OF THE DEAD”, then the vinyl version of the first full length, The Third Aeon 2011. I hate records from sweden made CD version in the same year.

Black Oath shared stages around europe with Candlemass, Rotting Christ, Ghost, Pentagram, Girlschool, Procession, The Devil’s Blood, Jex Thoth, Worship, Nifelheim and others ..

After a couple of 7“ep released in 2011, the band returned in studio and recorded Ov Qliphoth and Darkness (horror records/ I hate records) with guests musicians as Sebastian from Nifelheim/Necrophobic, Jonas from Procession and Andy from Bulldozer.

2013 black oath plays at metal magic fest for the second time and more gigs in Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Holland, Germany.

2015 the band recorded “To Below and Beyond”, it contains 55 minutes of dark and obscure heavy/doom metal.. a concept about alchemy, mysticism and the fall of men!

An european tour will follow and other festivals like Hammer of Doom (ger, with My Dying Bride, Candlemass, Pentagram,), Dutch Doom Days (hol, with Jess and the ancient ones, Mourning Beloveth) and later in 2016, after 10 years since the foundation, Black Oath releases an EP containing old songs digged from the past. (terror from hell recs/elektroplasma)


The Third Aeon

OV Qliphoth and Darkness

To Below and Beyond


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